maren langer is a creative allrounder and storyteller with main focus on film direction, creative direction and conception.

loving all parts of creative staging, her background lies in fashion & set design – with experience in the fashion & music industries, commercial and theatre.

maren studied at the university of the arts berlin and pratt institute new york.


clients & references include  |  asos, nike, etihad airways, timberland, zalando, armed angels, frisur clothing, rena lange, namilia, œ magazine, zalon, future classics, ucon acrobatics, ravensburger, ufa lab, visit abu dhabi, closed


for enquiries, collaborations or commercial portfolio requests please feel free to get in touch:

+49 176 20 668934 | | nogatstraße 8 | 12051 berlin



athens fashion film festival 2019„my way“ | „to a place“ | „follow me“  official selection

los angeles fashion film festival 2018follow me“ nomination emerging

istanbul fashion film festival 2018follow me“ official selection              

porto fashion film festival 2018 – „follow me“ | „blame it“ official selection

rd fashion film festival 2018 – „follow me“ | „blame it“ official selection

berlin fashion film festival 2018 – „blame it“ official selection      

sarajevo fashion film festival 2018 – „blame it“ official selection               

porto fashion film festival 2017 – „skies“ official selection

show „physis“ at art space phytagorion samos 2015 — „odysee“ video installation

show „rundgang“ udk 3d-haus berlin 2015 — „cocktails & dreams“ screening & installation 

show „luxus“ at german consulate general new york 2014 — „she can’t do the show“ screening

show „video+fashion“ at juliana curran terian center new york 2012 — „places i’ve seen before“ screening